The outpatient management and referral of minor burns

  • Catherine M Steer
Keywords: minor burns, major burns


It is the opinion of many that the incidence of burn injuries is taking on epidemic proportions. This epidemic is not subsiding. Allorto et al investigate the clinical incidence and the challenges of managing burns in a busy rural hospital within KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. These investigators describe the situation as an epidemic of insurmountable proportions. Large burns cannot be managed at their centre, and they need access to a tertiary regional centre. The moderate to small burns are so numerous that the resources available are inadequate. The standard wound treatment that is available is not yielding acceptable healing rates; the ratio of healing days to percentage burn is 1:1. The result is that the maintenance of function and aesthetics is not achieved. This discussion will focus on the identification and management of minor burn wounds, according to modern day moist wound healing principles.

Author Biography

Catherine M Steer
RN, BScN, ENC(C), Dip HIV/AIDS Manag
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