A New Look at Venous Ulceration

  • Alan D Widgerow University of the Witwatersrand
Keywords: chronic venous disease, venous ulceration


Chronic venous disease is a widespread problem that impacts greatly on the health care system both in terms of time and costs involved. Varicose veins are extremely common among the general population. Of these hundreds of thousands of patients, it is estimated that one in every hundred will suffer from venous ulceration out of these patients, many of them endure ongoing ulceration for periods of 1-5 years (occasionally even longer) and recurrent ulceration after healing is not uncommon. Thus the magnitude of the problem associated with chronic venous disease is apparent.

Author Biography

Alan D Widgerow, University of the Witwatersrand
MBBCh, FCS(SA Plast), MMed(Wits), FACS Professor and senior lecturer Department of Plastic Surgery University of the Witwatersrand
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