Chronic arachnidism spider bite case report and discussion

  • Rene Lessing Wound Care Resolutions
  • L Tudhope Montana Hospital
Keywords: Chronic arachnidism, spider bite


This case accentuates the need for a multidisciplinary approach to many wound care problems. The diagnosis and treatment of our patients is facilitated by this approach and even then, in some cases the entire team may be stumped it is therefore wise to include all the relevant team members to aid in the brainstorming process and the ultimate management of the patient. Additionally we need to remember to include the patient as part of the team, as the patients compliance is essential.

Author Biographies

Rene Lessing, Wound Care Resolutions
RN, Certificate in Woundcare UF
L Tudhope, Montana Hospital
MBChB, MMed(Surg) Montana Hospital, Gauteng
Case Study