Streptococcus pluranimalium associated with invasive wound infection post-visit to traditional healer: case report

Keywords: Streptococcus pluranimalium, soft tissue infection, wound infection, traditional healer, open wound, toxic shock-like syndrome


This case study involves an unusual clinical case of a 46-year-old female of African descent, presenting to a tertiary hospital from her rural clinic with a one-day history of difficulty in breathing after a visit to her traditional healer. COVID-19 PCR was negative and retro viral disease (RVD) status unknown. No wound was noted, but likely present at time of presentation. After an emergency tracheostomy because of sudden deterioration due to airway obstruction, an acute progressive wound was noted with discolouration and epidermolysis of the overlying skin.

The patient was admitted to ICU and demised on day three after presentation due to multiple organ failure secondary to overt sepsis due to multiple organisms, including the newly described pathogen Streptococcus pluranimalium, which was grown on blood cultures tests collected on admission and released post-mortem. This organism was possibly introduced through a small superficial wound induced by her traditional healer.

Author Biography

J J Naude, Rob Ferreira Tertiary Hospital

Intensive Care Unit, Rob Ferreira Tertiary Hospital, South Africa

Case Report