Pushing the boundaries: The effect of a superabsorber when used in conjunction with a four-layer compression system

  • F A Bruwer Wound Clinic Life Roseacres Clinic


Objectives: The aim of this study was to measure the interface pressure of a super-absorber (Cutimed Sorbionā„¢, BSN) used in conjunction with a multilayer compression bandage (Jobst Compriforeā„¢, BSN) to establish if an increase in interface pressure has a detrimental effect on wound healing.

Methods:Interface pressure was measured on the distal leg of 20 volunteers, with the superabsorber and with a multilayer compression bandage.

Results: A mean increase of 5,3 mmHg in interface pressure from day 0 to day 7. With all the patients the interface pressure remained within a range of 40 mmHg to 60 mmHg.

Conclusions: Although interface pressure increased, there was a noticeable decrease in leg circumference and reduction in oedema, as well as a decrease in wound size.

Author Biography

F A Bruwer, Wound Clinic Life Roseacres Clinic
BCur (Pret), Cert Wound Care (UOVS), Cert Wound Care (Hertfordshire), IIWCC (Toronto/US), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Wound Clinic Life Roseacres Clinic, Germiston
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