Total contact casting: a South African approach to offloading the diabetic foot

  • Liezl Naude
  • Howard Alexander
Keywords: total contact casting, diabetic foot


Foot ulceration is the most common complication associated with those living with diabetes. Total contact casting (TCC) is regarded as the gold standard offloading method in aiding rapid healing of neuropathic plantar foot ulcers,1,2 and numerous studies and papers indicate its effectiveness.1-4 Several TCC methods are used worldwide, the most well-known being the application of TCC with plaster bandage, as described by Levin and O’ Neal.1

Author Biographies

Liezl Naude
Wound Management Specialist Advanced Lower Limb & Wound Management Centre Pretoria; and Founder Eloquent
Howard Alexander
Podiatrist Alexander and Farrell Podiatry Edenvale South Africa
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