A random prospective non-controlled clinical study of Cutimed Sorbact<sup>®</sup> as a skin substitute for the treatment of partial thickness burn wounds in a South African adult burns unit

  • Wayne George Kleintjes
  • Ashton Boggenpoel
  • Ken Diango
Keywords: Cutimed Sorbact®, skin substitute, partial thickness burn wounds


Cutimed Sorbact® was used in a Random Prospective Non-Controlled Product Clinical Study in 2013 previously which included 13 patients (57 wounds) to establish the comparability with silver containing products Acticoat® and Silverlon®. Cutimed Sorbact® is marketed as a dressing containing antibacterial activity with a lipophilic active molecule DACC (dialkylcarbomyolchloride) that binds to bacterial cell walls.1 Cutimed Sorbact® provides a rapid and effective mode of action, where 1cm2 of dressing binds 100 000 bacteria in 30 seconds, it is a broad spectrum antibacterial and antifungal, including MRSA and VRE with no bacterial or fungal resistance, and provides no risk of allergies, cytotoxic and contraindications. One of the findings of the pilot study was that the dressing was effective on early partial thickness burns suggesting a role as a skin substitute. Since the results of the pilot study did not show any significant difference in comparison the controls, and that the patient sample numbers were small, it was decided to test Cutimed Sorbact® clinical efficacy in a larger number of patients on partial thickness burns as a skin substitute without controls. No reports were found by online search and company representative consults of the dressing being used previously as a skin substitute.2-14

Author Biographies

Wayne George Kleintjes
MBChB, MMed(Plast), FC(Plast Surg)SA, PhD
Ashton Boggenpoel
Medi-Clinic Louis Leipoldt Bellville
Ken Diango
Medi-Clinic Louis Leipoldt Bellville
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