VERUM - A European Approach for Successful Venous Leg Ulcer Healing

  • Roberto Brambilla Istituti Clinici Zucchi
  • Daniele Aloisi Poliambulatorio Mengoli
  • Iris Weingard Venenzentrum Freiburg
  • Marco Fioruzzi Policlinico San Marco
  • Thomas Heisterkamp Dermatologische-Phlebologische Praxis Gescher
  • Edith Janthur Venenzentrum Saarlouis
  • Peter Kurz Wund Pflege Management GmbH Bad Pirawarth
  • Katrin Will BSN Medical GmbH
Keywords: Successful Venous Leg Ulcer Healing, European Approach


Background: Successful healing of venous leg ulcers can only be achieved by compression therapy in combination with moist wound healing1. Therefore this treatment is recommended by therapy guidelines. Still it is a widely held belief that its implementation in daily practice is complicated or even impossible. Aim: To generate further experience about the practicability of the recommended holistic therapy for venous leg ulcers. Methods: 63 patients (Germany, Italy, Austria) were treated for 12 weeks in daily medical practice with a therapy concept including phase-adapted moist wound dressings, microbe-binding wound dressings and compression bandages in the initial oedema phase, followed by a compression stocking system with high stiffness characteristics. Findings: 85% of all wounds reduced in size significantly; 53% of all wounds healed completely within 12 weeks. The patients’ well-being was substantially improved leading to high compliance. As the majority of patients had not experienced any progress in healing for extended periods of time due to their complicated health situation or ineffective treatment the results were rated very positively by patients and physicians. Conclusion: Holistic therapy concepts offer significant advantages and can successfully be implemented in daily practice independent of national or local wound care traditions.

Author Biographies

Roberto Brambilla, Istituti Clinici Zucchi
MD Physician Istituti Clinici Zucchi Monza Italy
Daniele Aloisi, Poliambulatorio Mengoli
MD Physician Poliambulatorio Mengoli Bologna Italy
Iris Weingard, Venenzentrum Freiburg
MD Physician Venenzentrum Freiburg Freiburg Germany
Marco Fioruzzi, Policlinico San Marco
MD Physician Policlinico San Marco Zingonia Italy
Thomas Heisterkamp, Dermatologische-Phlebologische Praxis Gescher
MD Physician Dermatologische-Phlebologische Praxis Gescher Gescher Germany
Edith Janthur, Venenzentrum Saarlouis
MD Physician Venenzentrum Saarlouis Saarlouis Germany
Peter Kurz, Wund Pflege Management GmbH Bad Pirawarth
Wound Management Nurse Wund Pflege Management GmbH Bad Pirawarth Ă–sterreich
Katrin Will, BSN Medical GmbH
PhD Scientific Referent Therapy Concept/Compression Therapy BSN Medical GmbH Hamburg Germany
General Review