The The South African Multi-Disciplinary Lymphoedema Position Statement

  • Suzi Lisa Davey Private Practice
  • Candice Kuschke LAOSA
  • Rogini Pillay LAOSA
  • Nicole van Besouw LAOSA
  • Maxine Blane LAOSA
  • Maxine Blane LAOSA
  • Erika van der Mescht LAOSA
  • Gila Nussbaum LAOSA
  • Isabeau Neethling LAOSA


The South African position statement was compiled by members of the Lymphoedema Association of South Africa (LAOSA). This document serves to define lymphoedema and its management within a South African context and should be used as a quick reference when formulating policies and planning for health services across public and private sectors. Appropriate management of lymphoedema should be performed by healthcare providers (HCP) who are appropriately trained i.e. 135 hours for certification in the field of lymphoedema. There is a National Practice Register which is managed by LAOSA and is available on request ( There are certified occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, orthotists, doctors and AHPCSA professionals. Not all HCPs listed are
contracted in by medical aids.

Author Biography

Suzi Lisa Davey, Private Practice
Lymphoedema Therapy Specialist and Consultant
Position Statement