Lymphoedema and Wound Healing in South Africa

  • Suzi Davey Healing Hands of Lymphatics LLC
Keywords: lymphoedema, wound healing, South Africa


Lymphoedema is a progressive, chronic oedema condition that can have significant effects on psychosocial health, physical health and quality of life issues for patients. Proper diagnosis, early detection and appropriate treatment can effectively slow the progression of Lymphoedema. Wound care specialists should be aware of this condition and address not just the wound but the proximal and distal oedematous areas contributing to delayed wound healing. Even if diagnosed properly, health care practitioners and patients are often unaware that specialised treatment is available to treat Lymphoedema in South Africa and may not know where to seek help. This is one reason why the Lymphoedema Association of South Africa (LAOSA) was formed in 2012 by a group of Lymphoedema Specialists, each with over 135 hours of International Certified Training.

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Suzi Davey, Healing Hands of Lymphatics LLC
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