Action to be taken to reduce pressure ulcer rates in southern Africa

  • Gerda van Rensburg


This issue of Wound Healing Southern Africa focuses on pressure ulcers, a worldwide health concern due to both the associated staggering financial burden and resultant human suffering. The focus is now on the prevention rather than treatment of pressure ulcers as some countries have introduced reimbursement regulations for hospital-acquired and avoidable conditions not present on admission to hospital and which are viewed as medical errors. Most pressure ulcers are avoidable and a core indicator of the quality of care delivered in a healthcare system or institution. Many institutions and organisations have introduced and implemented strategies to reduce the incidence rates. The ABCDE of Pressure Ulcer Incidence Reduction Initiatives was outlined at the 12th National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel’s Biennial Conference 2011. Therefore, incidence and prevalence rates are essential measures in evaluating the effectiveness of any intervention to prevent pressure ulcers. The basic principle of quality measurement needs to be applied: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t prove it”.

Author Biography

Gerda van Rensburg
President Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa
Guest Editorial