Pressure ulcer update

  • Karin Gerber Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Keywords: pressure ulcers, risk assessment, prevention


Pressure ulcers or bedsores, as referred to previously, have been a burden of care for many years. Healthcare practitioners, care providers, and many other role players in the care circle of the patient have voiced concerns about the prevalence of pressure ulcers, and the assumed lack of guidelines on how to manage them, as well as how to identify patients at risk, in order to prevent their development. This brief highlights some aspects relating to good clinical practice, proactive pressure prevention and the management or care of patients and pressure ulcers.

Author Biography

Karin Gerber, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Diploma Nursing Education, BCur, Certificate Burns Management (Australia), Certificate Wound Care (UK) Lecturer Department Nursing Science Faculty Health Science Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
General Review