Telemedicine, mobile phones and burn wound assessment and management: A valid resource for South Africa?

  • Maria Gattorno Giaquinto-Cilliers Kimberley Hospital Burns Unit
Keywords: telemedicine, mobile phones, burn wound assessment


Access to specialist care in the management of burn injuries may be possible through the use of telemedicine. The burned area extent and depth are mainly visual, allowing the transmission of digital images from remote areas in rural South Africa to higher levels of care, such as burn units. Regulations to keep patient’s confidentiality and safe transmission and use of the images must be achieved through a proper discussion of the medico-legal issues with the official statutory body.

Author Biography

Maria Gattorno Giaquinto-Cilliers, Kimberley Hospital Burns Unit
MD Specialist in Plastic Surgery (Brazil) Head Kimberley Hospital Burns Unit Northern Cape RSA
Wound Care