Indications for cadaver skin in burns and complex wound care

  • Alan D Rogers University of Cape Town
Keywords: cadaver skin, burns, complex wound care, grafting


Best outcomes are achieved with the application of early excision and grafting, but availability limits this in the major burn. Cadaver skin is undoubtedly the best alternative to autograft, but ready supply is unreliable, and legislative and cultural restrictions have significantly influenced availability. This review summarises the indications for cadaver skin in burn surgery and complex wound care. The South African Burn Society prioritises the establishment of a deceased donor skin bank in South Africa, whose mandate it would be to procure and store allograft for distribution to burns units when required.

Author Biography

Alan D Rogers, University of Cape Town
Division of Plastic, Reconstructive and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Surgery Groote Schuur and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospitals University of Cape Town
Wound Care